Morning Brew: Odd Meth Lab Locations, Despicable Mom, LeBron Appreciation Day, and Searching for Buried Treasure

Burgers, coffee, restrooms, meth.
  • Burgers, coffee, restrooms, meth.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you count down the hours until New York's LeBron Appreciation Day next year.

— Of all the adventurous places that industrious drug dealers have dared to cook meth, in a car at a highway rest stop has to be one of the strangest. Factor in that the car was stolen, and you have two criminals who apparently were just begging to be caught. If only they could have curbed their Sbarro addiction. (AP)

— LeBron actually showed up at LeBron Appreciation Day in Akron Saturday. Nice gesture by Akronites to give LeBron a trophy, since apparently he can't win one on his own. (

— Sicko of the day: The mother who pimped her 14-year-old daughter out for crack and money. (AP)

— A story of a group of buried treasure hunters from the PD. Story mentions they've found such gems as pulltabs from beers cans, old toy cars, and aluminum siding. No wonder they spend so much time doing it. (Plain Dealer)