Towpath Recap

Thats some nice lookin trail.
  • That's some nice lookin' trail.

The PD this weekend had this nifty charticle about the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, that long-time-coming civic gem linking the Lake Erie shore to central Ohio. Besides offering a bit of history and color, the piece gives a good greatest hits of memorable scenic stops and attractions along the Northeast Ohio portion of the trail. Nearly 80 of the final 101 miles have been complete, and state officials hope the remaining puzzle pieces will fall into place by 2020 — or at least they were until the project slammed up against controversy here in Cuyahoga County. The story is mum on the issue, but in March, former Scene staffer Damien Guevara wrote a great piece on Ohio Canal Corridor’s Tim Donovan’s gambit to purchase the acres from two land owners with government grants. Although the government money was obtained and the land purchased, Donovan came under heat from critics for an alleged conflict of interest. The government eventually yanked the grant amid the hubbub.