Breaking Cavs News: Vitaly Potapenko Joins Pacers Coaching Staff


Yes, the other long-named-foreigner the Cavs drafted back in 1996 is still around and will be joining the Indiana Pacers coaching staff under Jim O'Brien.

(Let us remember, for a second, that Vitaly was drafted 12th that year. 12th! One slot ahead of Kobe Bryant and eight slots ahead of Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Let also remember that draft pick came from Washington in the trade of Mark Price.)

Anyway, here's the news, via Rotoworld and Mike Wells' Twitter.

Former NBA player Vitaly Potapenko has joined coach Jim O'Brien's staff as an assistant coach for the Pacers.
With only a short few hours left before the free-agency madness begins, we present to you this breaking news. And Potapenko is right back where he was for most of his NBA career - on the bench. Thank you, we'll be in town all week.

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