Maureen Dowd brings the hurt on LeBron

Going into battle with the King
  • Going into battle with the King

Locals have to be getting a little tired of all the attention post-LeBroncalypse Cleveland is getting from the national media. After the 24-hour news flow jammed James’ departure down our throats, the city’s personal pain is now turning into fodder for the punditocracy. One high profile example from the weekend was New York Times writer Maureen Dowd, who used her column space Friday to lay one of her characteristic smackdowns on the ousted king.

Whether or not it's justified, few column inches in journalism are as esteemed these days as Dowd’s; her cocktail of gossipy take-down and pithy pop-culture slam has become a unique brand at The Grey Lady, and her scorn usually sticks to the political realm. On the LeBron front she’s pretty much treading used bathwater, regurgitating the same arguments that have flooded the press and internet since James’ announcement. But, true to style, she does come up with some creative jabs, basically calling James a selfish girly-man:

His decision came after he consulted with his mom and formed a hoops cartel with his pals Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. It’s usually women who get accused of needing to go places (restaurant bathrooms) together.

ESPN’s 28 minutes of contrived suspense over James’s narcissistic announcement that he was going, aptly, to My-Am-Me played like “The Bachelor,” without the rose for the winner.