Morning Brew: Joe Jonas Will Guest Star on 'Hot in Cleveland,' Soap Box Derbies, Fake Pot, and CSI NY

Joe Jonas will appear i... cant type anymore... too dreamy.
  • Joe Jonas will appear i... can't type anymore... too dreamy.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you count down the days until Great Lakes releases some Christmas Ale in July.

— Joe Jonas, whichever one of the Jonas brothers he is, will guest star on an episode of 'Hot in Cleveland.' No word on whether he'll play Betty White's grandson or her boyfriend. We're rooting for boyfriend. (EW)

— Growing concerns over 'fake pot' are driving Ohio lawmakers to address the situation. Kids are apparently smoking K2, a synthetic pot-like thing which is sold legally as 'incense' but which has an abundance of unpleasant, un-marijuana-esque side effects. Two lessons here: 1) People will smoke anything. 2) Stick with what grows naturally, kids. (Columbus Dispatch)

— Akron's own Melina Kanakaredes will be leaving "CSI: NY." You might not care, but your 88-year-old grandmother sure will. (The 330)

— Akron has decided to throw in $25,000 to help with production of Corbin Bernsen's film about the American Soap Box Derby. The funds had been previously allocated to filling LeBron James' swimming pool, something Akron can now take off the books. (AP)