Shaun Rogers is Now Saving Lives

Silly Shaun Rogers, youre not a quarterback!
  • Silly Shaun Rogers, you're not a quarterback!

Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Shaun Rogers hasn't had the smoothest offseasons the past couple of years. In 2009 he made it known that he had no interest in playing for coach Eric Mangini and requested to be traded before coming to his senses and suiting up for training camp. This year, as we have all heard, Rogers was arrested at the airport for carrying a loaded gun in his luggage.

But finally, Rogers' name has made it into the news in a positive light. reports that while driving on Interstate 71 near Middleburg Heights, Rogers spotted a car ahead of him driving a bit oddly. The car was swerving back and forth and also appeared to be sporting a flat tire. Rogers called 911 while continuing to follow the erratic driver on the highway. When the obviously impaired driver finally pulled over (with the end of his car still sticking out into traffic), Rogers pulled up behind the vehicle and put on his hazard lights to direct passing cars away from a potential crash.

Officers eventually arrested the driver for driving under the influence, and heaped praise on Rogers for his efforts. Middleburg Heights Police Cheif John Maddox had this to say:

I thought his actions were above and beyond and I wanted to express to him as chief of police how much we appreciate what he did that night he helped keep Middleburg Heights safe.

Hopefully, Rogers' good deed will shorten any possible suspension NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel had planned for the monster defensive lineman for his gun mishap. Our real concern, though, is that Delonte West was the one driving the vehicle, because we all know what West says about snitches: