Kid Cudi Concert and Cleveland's Birthday Interrupted By Drunk Fan, Kid Cudi's Chasing of Drunk Fan

Cleveland's own Kid Cudi played a free show in Public Square last night to celebrate Cleveland's 214th birthday.

All was going well when the concert and celebration was interrupted by a drunk fan who climbed onstage in what might have been an attempt to fight with Kid Cudi. We say 'might have been an attempt' because the drunk mainly just stumbled about and almost knocked over a speaker.

Cudi didn't take kindly to the brash fan's move and not only stopped the song, but chased the fan into the crowd in what might have been an attempt to fight back. We say 'might' again because security got in the way and Cudi and his vintage WMMS t-shirt was kept away from any possible physical altercation.

One thing is clear: You can probably blame this on weed, not liquid cocaine.

Happy birthday, Cleveland! Video below.