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TOP PICK — DVDKick-Ass(Lionsgate)One of 2010's best movies comes to DVD, and the DIY superheroes are well-suited to the small screen. Unlike Batman and Spider-Man, the movie's junior Justice Leaguers have no powers, super or otherwise. They endure plenty of beatdowns, but there are also plenty of thrills here. Be sure to watch it on Blu-ray, where it (and the awesome extras) kicks even more ass.DVDDarkman(Universal)In between the Evil Dead and Spider-Man movies, Sam Raimi made this overlooked semi-satire about a synthetic-skin scientist (played by Liam Neeson) who becomes a revenge-minded madman. The 1990 movie finally makes its Blu-ray debut. There are no extras here, but Raimi mainstay Bruce Campbell makes a brief cameo. And it's way more fun than Spider-Man 3.

VIDEO GAMEDragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies(Square Enix)The latest installment in the long-running series is also one of the best. There's lots to explore in this RPG for the Nintendo DS, so don't just plow through the adventure at the center of it. On the surface, the ninth outing plays a lot like its predecessors, but after some time, you'll realize there's much more going on. Best of all, you and a buddy can go on quests together.

BOOKFender: The Golden Age 1946-1970(Cassell)This photo-stuffed book looks back on the famous guitar maker's first 25 years. There's a whole history of Strats and Telecasters here, if reading is your thing, but the heart of The Golden Age is the instrument porn: more than 250 photos of some of the coolest and rarest guitars ever made. Plus, looking at them is much easier than learning how to play them.

BOOKYou Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup(HarperStudio)The Beatles became whiny bitches after they broke up. John did this, Paul did that, George shrugged it all off, and Ringo ... um, Ringo was Ringo. Peter Doggett's intense chronicle of all the problems (money and more) the Fab Four went through is one of the most captivating reads of the year. Things are seriously messed up when Ringo comes off the most levelheaded.Send feedback to [email protected]com.