Morning Brew: Snow, Women Love the Color Red, National Truck Driving Championships, and Catching Up With Kenny Lofton

Happier times at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.
  • Happier times at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you curse Joel Skinner yet again for holding Kenny Lofton at third base.

— The Plain Dealer catches up with Kenny Lofton. One of the mid-90's Tribe favorites, Lofton dishes on his time in Cleveland. Our favorite Lofton moment: when he got that lapdance from Janet Jackson onstage at Gund Arena. (

— The National Truck Driving Championship is this weekend in Columbus. One event not featured but should be: Most creative CB radio handle. (Dispatch)

— A Cleveland Clinic psychologist explains why men should wear red clothes if they want to attract women. Sunburns of albino-white skin count, right? (NBC Augusta)

— Randell Scott, Commissioner of Streets, told the USA Today that Mother Nature can bring all the snow she wants this winter, Cleveland will be ready. The Plain Dealer picked up on the story today. The fact that the guy in charge of keeping the streets plowed in Cleveland thinks he can do a good job is apparently considered news these days. (