LeBron James Heckled at Cedar Point

LeBron James might have escaped his most recent public appearance at his annual bike-a-thon without any heckling, but that wasn't the case earlier this week when James stopped by Cedar Point.

The first video below shows LeBron James partaking in a hoops game. While the crowd was largely tame and restrained, there were a few catcalls, notably one man who shouted, "'Bron, shoot left handed, your elbow hurts," a reference to James' infamous left-handed free throw during last year's NBA playoffs.

Other taunts included: "Just like Game 5!" and "I bet you miss." Which he did, by the way.

The second video shows LeBron playing the 3-Point Shootout, a test of basketball skill at which he didn't fare well. The crowd mockingly groans with each miss, mock cheers when he drains one, and then some high-schooler who nailed more shots than LeBron gloats. Enjoy.

(Hat tip to You Been Blinded)