Morning Brew: The Tale of the Anti-LeBron Billboard, Serial Killer Arrested, Missing Cocaine, and a Deadly I-90


Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you consider never using a babysitter again.

— A deadly crash on I-90 in Lakewood has left the highway closed, at least as of noon. The truck driver died at Lakewood Hospital. Think about that the next time you're bitching about a traffic jam caused by an accident. Thoughts and prayers are with the man's family. (

— A serial stabber who passed through Ohio and had at least one victim here has been arrested in Georgia. So, one less thing to worry about. (19 Action News)

— On a more mirthful front: A woman lost her cocaine at a Berea gas station. Not wanting to tip of employees to what she was carrying but still wishing to recover her blow, she left her name and phone number in case they found the envelope. When it was found, an employee noticed it was filled with coke and called the cops. Thankfully, the police have the woman's name and number as their first lead. (

— The Akron Beacon Journal has the story of the men behind the anti-LeBron billboard on Route 18 near James' house. The most interesting tidbit: Someone had an extra $3500 around and decided to spend it on a billboard taunting LeBron. In other news, we'll be eating Ramen for lunch. (