Pro Tip: Don't Rob the Bank Where You Do Your Personal Banking

Artists rendition of Alan Garrett.
  • Artist's rendition of Alan Garrett.

There's a lengthy list of suggestions one could compile as tips for would-be bank robbers. Don't shoot anyone, that'll get you in more trouble. Have a getaway vehicle or escape route ready. Perhaps wear a mask.

Those basic tenets of honorable thievery are advanced studies, however, compared to the lessons Alan Garrett should have learned before embarking on his life of crime with a recent holdup.

You see, Garrett needed help on Step One of Bank Heisting: choosing a bank at which he wasn't a customer.

Turns out doing so will make it mighty easy for employees to point you out to the cops.

The AP reports that Garrett robbed a bank in Galloway, Ohio, of a small amount of cash recently, but it just happened to be the bank where he had an account. After checking the license plate number on his car, bank teller's recognized him as a customer and easily brought up his information — name, address, etc. — for the police.

Garrett, 43, turned himself in to authorities Friday, presumably after realizing just how moronic he was.