Tom Ganley Clumsily Clarifies Position on Obama's Religious Beliefs

Tom Ganley: Dumbass.
  • Tom Ganley: Dumbass.

Tom Ganley is a Republican fighting for a house seat in Ohio's 13th district.

In an interview with Roll Call recently, he was asked whether he believes President Obama is a Muslim. Ya know, because that's essential information for his constituents to have.

Anyway, Ganley's answer was bizarre. He said, "I don’t have a position on whether he’s a Muslim."

Sounds like a guy calling President Obama a Muslim without calling him a Muslim.

People tend to get upset about this stuff, at least the half of the nation that's sane and doesn't believe or care whether President Obama is a Muslim.

He clarified recently, and by 'clarified' we mean 'sounded stupid again.' From Roll Call:

"During an interview earlier today, I was asked a question about President Obama’s religion that I felt irrelevant to the story being written about my campaign for Congress,” he said. “I do not believe President Obama’s religion has any impact on the need for jobs in Ohio’s 13th district. According to the White House, our President is a Christian and I have no reason to believe otherwise.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Tom. According to this story, you are a dumbass and we have no reason to believe otherwise.