Matthew Prince and David Muniz, Suspended Cleveland Cops, Spent Lots of Time Parking, Not Much Time Policing

Davide Muniz, fan of Christies parking lot.
  • Davide Muniz, fan of Christie's parking lot.

David Muniz and Matthew Prince were the Cleveland policemen responsible for misidentifying Angela Bradley-Crockett's body on the side of I-90 as that of a deer carcass. In their defense, it's hard to correctly identify a body, or anything at all, while driving by at 50 mph, but in any case, they screwed up.

The pair were suspended for six months sans pay in May.

During the day of the incident, internal tracking showed Muniz and Prince had spent hours sitting in the parking lot of a cemetery. The duo claimed they were staking out the area based on reports of thieves stealing metal. Still, they seemed to be sitting in the parking lot quite a long time.

An internal investigation has revealed that Muniz and Price didn't just sit in a parking lot that day. They seem to love sitting in parking lots all over the city, especially during times they claimed they were working cases.