Akron Police Confiscate 9 Kilos of Cocaine

Not this weekend, Chuck.
  • Not this weekend, Chuck.

The holiday bar scene is going to be irritable, mark our words. As if temperatures scraping at the triple digits and the start of school weren’t enough to put people on edge, now we get this info out of Akron: the cops have put a major dent in the region’s cocaine supply. That’s right, this weekend the bars and clubs will be packed with itchy coke fiends jonesing for that baggie that didn’t materialize, grabbing at their dry noses, slurping down Coco-Colas and eying your girlfriend.

According to the PD, the Summit County officials grab nine kilos of coke — valued between $300,000 and $500,000 — from a house on Firestone Boulevard. The score was the result of a tip to police; drug dogs found the goods in a freezer.

“Losing that amount of drugs is going to hurt someone,” Captain Hylton Baker tells the PD.