Tremont Unveils a New Mural This Weekend

Tremont Unveils a New Mural This Weekend
Photo via Tremont Convenience Mart/Facebook
After two years in the making, a brand new mural is set to be officially unveiled on the side of Tremont Convenience Food Mart Saturday.

With the help of Graffiti HeArt non-profit and local artists Vic Savage and Alan Giberson, the fresh mural shows off many of the neighborhood's attractions in each block letter of the word "Tremont" — and yes, that includes the infamous leg lamp. The finished painting is about 14 feet tall and 40 feet long.

The official dedication ceremony starts Saturday at noon at the store located on West 14th, which has provided Tremont with a rich selection of beer and wine (among other things) since 1996. 

To find out more about Graffiti HeArt, which works to bring graffiti art installations to Cleveland while offering art scholarships to youth, read our profile on the non-profit founder and president Stamy Paul right here.