CD Review: The Drums

The Drums (Downtown)

The latest group of Brooklyn hipsters isn't nearly as challenging as many of its neighbors. In fact, there's nothing at all complicated about the Drums' self-titled debut album. Their glistening indie pop is rooted in the moody sounds of '80s post-punk, but frontman Jonathan Pierce delivers every word with a wink — like he knows just how absurd the line "You were my best friend, but then you died" really is. They also poke fun at some of their peers in "Let's Go Surfing," which takes aim at the recent influx of landlocked, beach-obsessed indie-rock bands. But there isn't a whole lot going on here. The guitars chime the same way in every song, Pierce rolls through each cut with eye-rolling amusement, and the album sounds like it was recorded 50 yards from the shore. The Drums goes down easy — it just doesn't stick with you for long. Gallucci