Frank Jackson Cancels Anti-Republican/Wall Street Press Conference

Um, yeah... about that whole Republicans are evil thing.
  • "Um, yeah... about that whole 'Republicans are evil' thing."

There was a press conference scheduled today at 1 p.m. where Mayor Frank Jackson, City Council President Martin Sweeney and Bedford Heights Mayor Fletcher Berger were to knock Republicans for aiding and abetting Wall Street in plundering hard-working Americans of their money and causing the economic meltdown.

Of course, early this morning, longtime Democrat Jimmy Dimora was arrested by the FBI and charged with a mountain of bribery and other corruption-related charges.

Not a good look for Jackson's party.

Shortly thereafter, he canceled the press conference.

Seems the last thing he wanted to do was lay a verbal beatdown on Republicans the very day a Democrat bigwig was sitting in a jail cell just down the street.

That was probably a wise decision.