Money Where Your Mouth Is: Zach


This is the part where C-Notes lets an artist explain why you should see him this weekend. Because we’re still too tired from the Roger Waters show to do anything. Today’s pick is Zach, who has one name, but a name that kills in Scrabble. —D.X. Ferris

Artist: Zach


Hometown: Akron

Sounds Like: John Lennon, Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Rob Thomas

Fun Fact: “Zach has just formed the Akron Peace Project, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating nonviolence in the self, the home, and the community.”

Playing: Akron Peace Project's Peace Fest at Musica. 7:30 p.m. Saturday. With Rachel Roberts, Kristine Jackson, and a Band Called Ashes.

Why You Need to See Him: “This is a full band show featuring a Love Initiative multi-media show. It's a one-time event. And it's all for peace.” —Zach

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