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Readers sound off on Mike Trivisonno


Thank you for the wonderful story on Mike Trivisonno ["The Face of Cleveland Radio," September 22, 2010]. I loved it, and I am a big fan of his. His love for his wife Linda almost brought me to tears, and the honesty of your story made my heart smile. Thank you for such great reading!

Shari Neff



"The Face of Cleveland Radio" was a terrific article. I have been waiting for someone to spend some time talking about this guy and really digging. I have listened to Triv for about 10 years and feel you really hit the nail on the head. Well balance on all points, critical where necessary, and lauding where deserved.

Scott Dutton



Your article on Mike Trivisonno left out something important: that he doesn't respect facts. He even said once on his show that he doesn't let the facts get in the way. (I've got it on tape.) The problem is that he doesn't say it often enough to make it clear that a lot of his political views are just lies that he picks up from listening to Rush Limbaugh's show. All of these lies work against Democrats and for Republicans. In a fairer country, this would be called election fraud.

I have my doubts about his stated reasons for becoming a Republican. When he started getting big contracts, he joined the top group of wage earners, who are the only people who benefit from Republican policies. What sane, intelligent person would switch to a party representing only the wealthy because of something like the Monica Lewinsky affair?

Across the country, political talk radio is nearly all conservative. If you want to work in the field, you have to tell the conservative lies. Maybe it's only a coincidence that most of these right-wing talk hosts are wealthy and so are the people who make the decisions to advertise on their shows. Since they aren't constrained by the truth, these shows can be more entertaining to the masses and draw a bigger audience. Think of the ratings of "professional" wrestling versus the off-the-air status of amateur wrestling.

If you can say something positive about Mike's show and those like it, it's that they allow stupid people to vent their anger and feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, these shows also get Republicans elected, ensuring a large group of unhappy people who will listen and be tricked into blaming all their problems on the Democrats. It's a win-win for the Republican Party, the wealthy, and for right-wing talk hosts. Unfortunately, it's a lose-lose for the country.

Jeff Fritz