Strike Up the Band: Live Greatest Hits(self-released)

Michael Stanley Band and Breathless alum Jonah Koslen handpicked the 15 songs on this live compilation, plundering the vaults for tracks that span his 35-year career. Some originate from Coffee Break Concerts he played at the Agora; others dip into concerts from the old Coliseum. Strike Up the Band kicks off with the Koslen-penned title tune, which became one of Stanley's first hits in the '70s. It's expanded into a sing-along here that verges on overkill, but the audience doesn't seem to mind, sticking around for all of the "strike it up, strike it up"s. Despite some solid performances, the ballads ("Waste a Little Time on Me" and "Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind") are filled with clichés. But edgier songs like "Alibis" and "Late Train" suggest that Koslen's rowdier side has been underrated. Niesel