Afternoon Brew: Racy Teens, Unsafe Bridges, Illegal Racing, and Kasich Lasts 13 Seconds


Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you brace yourself for all the negative campaign ads for the 2012 election to roll out next week.

— Teens danced a little dirty at a nightclub and the "racy" pictures of the night's events were posted to Facebook. This is apparently shocking to lots of people. (WOIO)

— ODOT engineers had concerns over the winning bid for the Inner Belt bridge design. (

— Two brothers who were illegally street racing caused a head-on accident that landed one random driver involved in the collision in the hospital. Now's probably a good time to remind you that street racing is dangerous. (Fox 8)

— Finally, WEWS stuck around John Kasich's party last night til the very end in hopes of getting an interview with the newly elected governor. They got 13 seconds and Kasich talked about lasers. That's a good get if we ever saw one. (WEWS)