Ohio Not Banning Four Loko... Yet


Everyone's favorite dirt-cheap, alcohol and caffeine-packed beverage is taking heat around the nation. Four Loko, which gained infamy after a handful of college kids in Washington downed too many Lokos and went loco (and got sick), is being banned by universities and states around the country.

New York is the latest to step up and tell its booze-quaffing, deal-seeking citizens No Loko For You, joining Michigan and Utah.

What about Ohio, though? The Buckeye state gave birth to the ingenious and dangerous concoction (it was invented by a trio of Ohio State grads).

The Lantern says nothing is imminent... yet. But that doesn't mean Ohio's not intent on making a decision soon. Part of the inaction so far seems to be because Ohio just can't outright ban Four Loko on a whim; it's going to take legislative action first.