The Movement to Keep LeBron From Being an All-Star Starter


There is no shortage of vindictive ideas floating about since LeBron signed with the Heat. Here's one of our favorites:'s plan is to flood the NBA All-Star voting with votes for anyone but LeBron in an effort to keep the NBA's biggest name out of the starting lineup. Kinda brilliant, right?

Here's their mission statement:

Keep LeBron Out It's simple: if you hate LeBron James as much as we do, fill out the all-star ballot on, and pick anyone but LeBron to start at forward for the Eastern Conference. Remember, there's no limit on voting: the more votes other players get, the better chance we'll keep his ego in check, and Keep LeBron Out.

They even provide a handy link to the All-Star voting page and suggestions on who you should cast your ballot for. Go vote, people. It's the lifeblood of democracy, after all. And, apparently, a tool in America's plan for retribution against LeBron James.