We Get Mail

Readers sound off on Rover and Maxwell

Welcome to Maxwell's House

I am soooo happy that Maxwell is back ["Maxwell Returns to Airwaves, Shakes Up WNCX Formula," at clevescene.com's Scene & Heard blog]. I wish it was in the afternoon, but I understand WNCX is trying to kick Rover's butt. They need to let Maxwell and his crew do what Maxwell and his crew do best, and that's talk. I like music, but there is enough time for that the rest of the day.


Like a Thousand Rovers

As a radio professional, I'll be the first to say that although he may break some rules of how smooth a show should sound, Maxwell's material and rapport are gold. Great show, and good to have it back on the air in Cleveland. A thousand times more original than Rover, who is merely a Howard Stern clone (and a poor one at that). WNCX has finally found the key to morning drive!


The Secret Formula Exposed

How is this ass-hat even on the air? Dead air, bad joke, dead air, attempt at telling an awful joke. I don't listen so I don't really care, but holy shit, can't get much worse than this guy.


Old Ball and Chain

I frequently drive the Veterans Memorial Bridge and have enjoyed the large, round plywood sculpture chained to the bridge opposite the Federal Courthouse. I thought it was a tongue-in-cheek representation of a ball and chain. Then I read "Public Art, Guerrilla Style" and the comments of the artist [Scene & Heard, November 3]. The satire expanded exponentially. The image of Jimmy Dimora in handcuffs on the steps of the courthouse flashed through my mind as I read the artist's intent to craft a symbol of "hugeness," "roundness," and "excessive use of materials and fantastical presence." I think he "liquid nailed" it. I agree with Councilman Cimperman: I want it to stay just where it was on the bridge.

Linda Barley