Mike Summers, New Lakewood Mayor, Gets Interesting Welcome to the Job


When Lakewood Councilman Mike Summers was deciding whether to throw his hat in the ring as the city’s replacement mayor, he weighed heavily the job’s many burdens. Last week, at the meeting where he was chosen to replace County Executive-elect Ed FitzGerald, Summers got a firsthand taste of what he’s in for.

A hotheaded resident dropped in to have a word with the freshly minted mayor. It seems the man was unhappy with the way Summers had handled an earlier dispute between him and a neighbor. Summers, as councilman at the time, asked police to remind both parties to play nice.

The cops were needed again last week when the man started shouting that Summers “would pay” for his actions, according to the police report. He was arrested for aggravated menacing.

“After the meeting, as you can imagine, I went home to talk to my wife with exciting news, and also interesting news,” says Summers, still glad he took the job.