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Readers sound off on Christmas Ale horror stories and more

Homosexuals and Deviants

As a heterosexual male, I find the actions of Willoughby-Eastlake schools more than reprehensible; they are downright disgusting ["Where Not to Be Gay," November 17, 2010]. Let me address the real issue at hand.

Except for a genetic variation of nature, homosexuals are virtually identical to their heterosexual counterparts. Granted, there are those who freely choose this behavior as a form of "lifestyle," but that accounts for a very small population of homosexuals. In fact, if one is not genetically predisposed for this behavior, by definition one is not truly homosexual but some deviant variation of perverted behavior. Some would argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality, but I believe (through the persistence of science) this behavior will be proven to result from natural genetic variation.

Human beings are sexual beings, and to suggest that a genetic variation of nature somehow makes homosexuals less human is indeed an inhuman concept.

Joe Bialek

And Speaking of Deviant...

Our Christmas Ale adventure happened on a Wednesday night this November ["Santa's Magic Potion," November 24, 2010]. I had just gotten paid and decided to take my fiancé out to the local watering hole down the street. After receiving a large nacho for the price of a small (score!), we decided to indulge in just one more Christmas Ale. That sent us over the edge.

I was thinking out of my element and decided to take a shower with my fiancé, which lasted literally an hour. I did things I've only seen in dirty movies. When we woke up the next morning ... where were my clothes? Where was my fiancé? We don't know what happened. Were we in LaLa Land?? Man, Christmas Ale messed us up.

Peter and Laura

The Holiday's Sweet Ending

We took our out-of-town guests to Sweet Lorain for a post-Thanksgiving visit, and everyone loved it: the teenagers, the grad students, the old folks — everyone! [Best of Cleveland 2010, October 13]. Vintage treasures from Sweet Lorain will now be heading to Michigan, New Hampshire, and California. We're hoping to make it a tradition.