Brad Daughtery Thinks Cleveland Should Get Over LeBron Already


In a short but entertaining Q&A with Dime, Brad Daugherty was asked his thoughts about LeBron James and Cleveland. Cavs fans are not going to like what he had to say.

Dime: You’re as closely associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers as any player. What’s your view of the LeBron James situation?
BD: You know, you have to look at both sides of the alley. The only thing I had an issue with was “The Decision” show. I didn’t appreciate that, and I think as LeBron gets older he’ll look back and realize maybe he could have done that differently.

Other than that my view of the whole situation is, he worked hard, he became a free agent, he left: Get over it. Why does he owe Cleveland anything? That’s one thing about pro sports that pisses me off is this whole idea of loyalty, how a player is supposed to be loyal. But you take another guy on the team — say he’s from Cleveland but he’s the 12th guy on the team — is there a big uproar when they cut him? If a guy is averaging one point a game, is there an uproar?

Listen, this is a business. LeBron James made a business decision. Everybody that’s mad about “No loyalty,” that’s bull. If Dan Gilbert had for whatever reason decided to trade him — which likely would have happened toward the end of his career — it would have been, “Well, I hate to lose him.”

You can’t have it both ways. What LeBron did was perfectly fine. If he’d broken his leg or messed up his knees … If he’d become a free agent with two blown-out ACL’s, do you think they would have offered him a contract just because he’s the hometown hero? Hell no!

I hate that LeBron left Cleveland because I think they were actually really close to winning a championship. I hate it for that. But sitting here saying he’s done anything wrong? He did everything by the rules, so he deserves his opportunity to play in Miami or wherever he chooses to play. Get over it.

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