Afternoon Brew: Racism on RTA, Cute New Baby Animal at the Zoo, Man Hit by Snow Plow, and the Black Keys Officially Move to Nashville

Um... cute?
  • Um... cute?

Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you listen to Cleveland's plan to have employees leave work in staggered stages and put dibs on whatever the earliest time is.

— What's cuter than a super-cute new baby animal at the zoo? A super-cute new Bush Baby baby, of course. Yes, the animal is called the Bush Baby. (WOIO)

— A Plain Dealer investigation showed a disproportionately high number of African-Americans were cited for riding without paying fares on RTA this year. Cue George Forbes' angry outcry in 3... 2... (

— A man was hit in the head by a snow plow. Somehow, he's fine. (WOIO)

— The boys from the Black Keys bought houses in Nashville. Somewhere, someone will find the time to produce some manufactured outrage about that fact. (