CD Review: Girls

Broken Dreams Club (True Panther)

It's fitting that Girls released a cover version of Skeeter Davis' 1963 melancholy classic "The End of the World" earlier this year. The San Francisco duo sounds like the '60s' saddest pop group on its 2009 debut Album. And things aren't a whole lot cheerier on the six-song Broken Dreams Club EP. Christopher Owens still comes off like a guy who just stumbled out of bed and is reliving the previous night's misery all over again in his aching head. It all begins deceptively happy, with mariachi horns racing through "Oh So Protective One." But listen closely, and you'll hear a sad tale about crying in the classroom and broken hearts. There are a lot of broken hearts here; the highlight "Heartbreaker" is just the start. Still, Girls pair these glum stories with timeless pop hooks, putting a semi-happy face on the songs. Misery's company has never sounded so inviting. Gallucci