Governor Strickland Thinks Cleveland Didn't Support Him Enough

We dont support you? Thats just crazy. Heres a picture of you eating bread to prove how much we support you.
  • We don't support you? That's just crazy. Here's a picture of you eating bread to prove how much we support you.

Governor Strickland's last day in office will be January 9th. Ousted by Republican John Kasich, Strickland plans to spend his new-found free time analyzing everything John Kasich does.

No, really.

That's one of the interesting revelations in an extensive interview Strickland did with the Plain Dealer. Strickland will join a new liberal think tank whose sole mission will be to nitpick over everything the incoming Republican governor and his cohorts in the legislature do.

Oh, and he calls out Northeast Ohio for not supporting him enough.

In a wide-ranging interview Monday, the Democratic leader, who will leave office on Jan. 9, also said that he did a lot for Cleveland but never got the support he deserved from Northeast Ohio leaders and local media, who he says thought of him as a country bumpkin who never understood the big city.

"Maybe it is because I'm from Appalachia," the Scioto County-born Strickland told The Plain Dealer. "I think they always considered me a hayseed, someone who couldn't possibly understand or be sophisticated enough to understand what life is like in the city."