Metalheads Shred for the Homeless

This one is for the homeless!
  • This one is for the homeless!

Heavy metal fans tend to be blue-collar guys, the sort who work in warehouses and factories, and whose main indulgence is Bud or Rolling Rock, not Cristal. Needless to say, those are the kind of people hardest hit by the lingering recession, especially here in Northeast Ohio.

But metal fans are also known for their big hearts. They proved it recently when the local metal label Auburn hosted its annual free festival at the Beachland Ballroom, featuring 11 area bands. Dubbed the Iron Ingo Cleveland Indoor Air Festival as a takeoff on the European “open air” festivals that several Auburn bands play each summer, it was also named in tribute to Iron Ingo Stühernberg, a German fan of the Auburn roster who traveled to Cleveland for the second time to host the event.