Leftover Four Loko Being Recycled Into Ethanol


If you ever downed a couple of Four Lokos, sat in a liquid cocaine-fueld frenzy and thought to yourself, "Hey, this stuff makes me feel like my heart's going to explode. It's like nuclear power in a can! I bet if I poured it into my car it would totally work!" you're kind of dumb, but not too far off base.

Now that the FDA has put the clamp down on caffeine-injected alcoholic beverages like the Loko, there are stockpiles of the stuff sitting around unsuitable for sale to the buzz-desiring public. So what to do with it?

The Huffington Post reports that unsold shipments of Four Loko, which was created by three Ohio State grads, are being trucked down to Virginia and other states to be recycled into ethanol.