Yet Another Thief Caught Because of Footprints in the Snow


If there's an overarching theme to crime in Northeast Ohio this winter, it's been that criminals are not careful about leaving their footprints in the snow.

Notably, if they leave them, it has made police pursuit pretty simple. And we have yet another entry thanks to Brandon Elkins, a young gentleman with a pair of size-13 Nikes and a penchant for lifting menthol smokes from convenience stores.

Brandon Elkins, 21, was arrested Sunday night outside a Donald Avenue home after police officers matched his size 13 Nike LeBron James basketball shoe treads to prints left in snow around Mike's Market on East Wilbeth Road, police said.

Officers say the convenience store was broken into about 9:30 p.m., and menthol cigarettes were taken. Officers at the scene followed shoe prints left in the snow to the nearby Wilbeth Arlington Homes and eventually to Donald Avenue.

When cops caught up with Elkins, they matched his Nikes to the treads in the footprints and recovered seven packs of Newports.