New Ohio Parks Boss: Drill Baby, Drill?

Eying the Emerald Neckless?
  • Eying the Emerald Neckless?

You can really size up the state’s budget woes when the bureaucrats start considering drilling in the state parks, a cash grab that really gets a lot of brows furrowed. But, hey, it’s 2011 and China and Oprah are the only ones not leaning on the McDonald’s $1 menu to get through till next pay day.

The Columbus Dispatch today reports that new Gov. Kasich’s new head of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources would consider selling off protected park space in order to get some money in the state’s coffers.

"It's something we would consider and review," David Mustine (no, not this guy, unfortunately, we got excited there for a minute, too) told the Dispatch. "At this point, we don't want to close out any option."