Pic of the Day: Protest Banners for Rush Hour


Local activists took to pedestrian bridges over Cleveland's highways during rush hour this morning to show weary and tired commuters how angry they are about the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision, a topic best learned about by reading banners on the highway while driving 70 mph, naturally.

Via NewsNet5:

The banners were displayed to protest the Supreme Court decision last year of the Citizens United vs. FEC, which gave corporations the rights of an individual to contribute money to political causes.

Rush-hour drivers on Interstate 90 West may have seen four people on the pedestrian overpass holding a banner that read "End Corporate Rule." This protest was prompted by the Supreme Court decision last year of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

Scene is still hashing out plans to protest highway protest banners; the sticking point so far has been finding a printing company to print our highway protest banner.