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New to DVD this week

Red (Summit)

Bruce Willis heads a cast of veteran actors (including Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren) out to settle one last score with their double-crossing old bosses. Willis used to be in the CIA, but some snaky government folks want him dead for knowing a little too much about a covert operation he took part in back in the day. It's a playful action movie that doesn't take itself all that seriously, even when it's reloading for the many, many gunfights. Plus, it's a kick to see the Oscar-winning Mirren wield a big-ass gun during the explosive climax. Extras include deleted scenes, an interactive feature with pop-up trivia and videos, and commentary from a real-life retired CIA agent. Hope they don't come after him next.

Nowhere Boy (Sony) — Aaron Johnson, who kicked ass in Kick-Ass, plays a young John Lennon in this biopic about the Beatle's early years. It occasionally heads into wan how-he-got-there territory, but this portrait of Lennon's troublesome childhood offers some insight into the fledgling artist.

Saw The Final Chapter (Lionsgate) — The last movie (supposedly) in the torture-porn franchise features more ways to make you squirm. Plot? Sure, we guess there's one here. But that's not what these movies are about. Extras include a chronicle of all the grisly death machines used in the Saw movies.

Secretariat (Walt Disney) — It's your typical feel-good sports movie about overcoming obstacles and all that kind of stuff. Only this time the star is the popular racehorse from the '70s. The strong cast (including Diane Lane and John Malkovich) keeps the sap quotient low. Extras include deleted scenes.