The Quality of Cleveland Life Index


A Job Is a Job, Most Times: proclaims Cleveland the 7th best job market in America, though it doesn’t specify how many of the posted positions require sporting an Uncle Sam costume outside of a tax office.

Nostalgia Doesn’t Beat the Twins: Mike Hargrove and Sandy Alomar Jr. figured prominently in the Indians’ recent “Tribe on Tour,” wherein select members of the team randomly struck up mall conversations in hopes of getting you excited about the return of Jayson Nix.

Safe Streets, Deadly Parking Lots: Two trends have emerged in 2011: Cleveland car break-ins are way up ... and so are traffic tickets. If you’re wondering why they’re nabbing Mom for going 31 in a 25 while your car is getting smashed, well, we’re thinking the same thing.

This Week's Index: Cleveland, you’re looking around and asking, “Who shit in my pants?”