We Get Mail

Readers sound off on food, the Med Mart, and more

Borrowed Furniture

To bolster their credibility, MMPI grabs a few furniture tenants from their other marts to make their Cleveland medical mart look good ["Welcome to Furniture Mart!" January 19, 2011]? Oh, are we in trouble right here in River City.


The Cost of Fine Dining

I just looked at the menu, and I don't think it is expensive at all ["First Look: Washington Place Bistro," at the Scene & Heard blog].

Good restaurants are not cheap —ever been to New York? Cleveland is building a nice little food scene, with some excellent chefs and a little more adventuresome dining. I like pointing out to my friends in Los Angeles that the Iron Chef winner is from my town! But whining about the cost will doom the truly excellent places that offer fresh ingredients and creative menus.


Fresh-Baked Negativity

Interesting that you have the only negative comments that I've read or heard about this fabulous new restaurant. All those people enjoying a night out at Washington Place Bistro must disagree with you.


The Big Guy's Paycheck

It is inappropriate for a non-profit executive like the Jewish Federation's Stephen Hoffman to be making such a high salary in the face of cutbacks ["Lotsa Matzah," December 29, 2010]. I bet contributors to the Jewish Federation aren't even aware of such excess.


For Love of Cassette Tapes

Cassettes will only become "obsolete" when they can no longer be played on a tape deck — not because the cassettes themselves are obsolete, but because the means to play them no longer exists ["Tale of the Tape," January 12, 2011].

My wife and I are both geezers, and the new and the shiny hold no interest for us. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. We'll continue to watch our hundreds of VHS tapes, play our countless LPs and 45s, and take boxes of cassettes on road trips.

Chuckles the Clown

Tale of the Tape

In 1984 we were told that cassettes would be dead in 5 years. It's 2011 and we still manufacture approximately 1000 cassettes per month! Right here in Cleveland! Cassettes ARE alive and available IN CLEVELAND!<br> Thanks for the spotlight!<br>

Duane Abarca, President, A to Z Audio.