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Post Vinyl

Post Vinyl

Meet the Band: Reverend Joe Galaska (vocals), Adam Maki (vocals), Andy Fernandez (guitar), Nick Mercurio (bass, piano), and Andrew Treska (percussion)

A Slice of History: Post Vinyl's roots are in the various Cleveland-based musical experiments of Mercurio and Treska. Galaska came on board as the wordsmith in 2008; Fernandez added his guitar shortly afterward. "Then we found Adam sulking in the bowels of a pizza shop and decided he should get some sunlight," says Mercurio.Mishmash of Geekiness: The band plays a thinking man's brand of alt-rock hip-hop fusion, with just the right dose of Dungeons & Dragons.

They Kinda Sound Like: Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, the Roots

You May Have Seen Them Onstage With: Big Bang Theory, Yelloh, the Royaltons

Invest in Post Vinyl: An EP called EP is available now. Their debut album will probably be out this summer.

Pussyfooting, Pee, and Purity: "Post Vinyl doesn't pussyfoot around emotions or what they think the general public might like," says Mercurio. "We step through it, poke it with a stick, and sometimes drunkenly urinate into it, creating something that could only be called true music."

Why Check Them Out? Maki and the Reverend are no slouches on the mic, but it's the energy and versatility of the live band that make 'em a thoroughly distinctive beast.

Listen to Post Vinyl: myspace.com/postvinyl

See Post Vinyl: February 20 at the Grog Shop. — Andrew Clayman