Man Robs Store, Goes to Bar Down the Street


Criminals of Ohio: Perhaps we need to revisit the whole "getaway" portion of thieving. It's an essential step if you wish to be successful in your dastardly endeavors. Planning, efficient execution, confidence — those are all important factors in a successful robbery or heist, but unless you get away cleanly, it's all for naught, isn't it?

Joey Cramer, a 28-year-old from Canton, had a spot of trouble with that last part. NewsNet5 reports that on Wednesday, Cramer walked into Sound Chaser Music in Canton, brandished a gun, and forced the cashier to hand over all the dough in the register.

Good, good. Now, if he could just make a brisk escape and stay clear of the scene, he'd be enjoying his haul. But he didn't. Instead he went to a bar around the corner from the music store and started drinking. Which is where police found him soon after responding to the music store to begin their investigation.