Lust 2011: The Survey Results

Love, romance, and scarring acts of perversion from the people you thought you could trust


You sick bastards. Yes, each year we invite a big ol' ugly mess of trouble when we go public with our Sex & Romance survey.

This year, we served up more questions than ever before — and you served up an unprecedented batch of filth and frivolity in response. Indeed, the false security of the internet brings out the bargain-bin porn star in you like nothing else, dear Cleveland.

What follows are your greatest hits from this year's survey: enough anal sex and boner talk to make Mom forget all about our regularly scheduled sex ads, at least till next week.

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And now, without further ado, welcome to Lust 2011: The Scene Sex & Romance survey. Get the shower running, good readers. You're gonna need it ...

How often do you think about sex?

• I have been married for almost seven years, so not as much as I use to.

• About 3 or 4 times a week.

• A couple times a day.

• I think about sex every time a hot guy passes me.

• Not so much; about 15 times a day.

• A few times every hour.

• Eight hours a day

• Way too often for polite company.

• Only a few times ... per ... minute.

• Sixty times a minute.

• 24-7 — I'm a male.

• All the damn time.

• Only when I'm awake.

• What was the question again?

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

• A long time ago, I had sex with three guys in one setting, not all at the same time, but one after another.

• A gang-bang with four guys.

• The wife's not into it. But there was a short period of time where we had lots of sex, oral and regular.

• An eight-way in the Hollywood Hills overlooking L.A.!! All hot guys!

• I've gotten it on with the gearshift in a car.• Anal beads, threesome, and a swinger party where I hooked up with a foursome.

• Ass finger.

• A midget and a trapeze.

• Ass to mouth.

• I've been tied to the rafters and left standing on my tippy-toes while being whipped.

• Blowjob under the desk while my boyfriend had a client in the office.

• I fisted my partner from behind while she was tied and I was flogging her.• Devil's threesome.

• Had sex with toothpaste.

• Held a knife to my lover's throat at her request.

• Had sex on a picnic table in the Metroparks during the day.

• Hosted an orgy in my backyard ... with my former in-laws.

• Laxatives, shower curtain, fluorescent crayons, black light, lobster bib.

• Made a porno with two women who hated each other.

• Tossed the salad of several women at an orgy back in the day.

• Tried to suck my own cock.

• Answered a sex survey.

What's the kinkiest thing you'd do if the opportunity arose?

• Sex with two women.

• Sex with three women.

• Add another midget.

• Anal while watching Dr. Phil.

• I'd do anything that doesn't tie me

up and let some psycho cut me

to shreds.

• Double penetration.

• Two men, double penetration.

• Watch and instruct my man and

another woman.

• Fuck my boyfriend in the ass while

he orally pleasures someone else.

• Furries.

• I'd like to tie up my husband while

me and another lady pleasured


• Let my lover peg me with a strap-on.


• My guy won't have sex outside,

and I wish he would.

• Anal.

• Probably anything but anal.

• Anything not feces related.

• Sex at an Indians or Browns game.

• Sex on a motorcycle.

• Sex on the lawn at Blossom during

a concert.

• Sex on the observatory deck of the

Terminal Tower.

• Three-way with gay porn stars.

• Two Words: Moon Doggies. It's

absolutely critical that the peanut

butter is organic.