Spin Premieres Cloud Nothings' Trippy New Video

Potty break!
  • Potty break!

Cloud Nothings' new video for "Understand at All" is now playing exclusively at Spin.com.

The three-minute clip starts as a convenience-store version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with some derelict old ghoul drinking a concoction of candy, snacks, and Pepto-Bismol that turns him into an ass-kicking, bling-sporting grandpa in a red tracksuit. Then it gets weird.

The video has absolutely nothing to do with the song.

"Understand at All" comes from Cloud Nothings' awesome new self-titled album, which you should hear if you haven't already.

Cleveland's best new band will be heading to Austin next month for the annual South by Southwest music festival, where we're sure they're going to make some big noise with all the annoying hipsters who hang out there.

You can watch the video here. —Michael Gallucci