Afternoon Brew: Donating Breast Milk, Casino Tax Money Issues, Sleeping on Train Tracks, and Woman Pitches to Indians


Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while we wait for the weather to improve so the news stations will stop reporting on the snow and ice and go back to bringing us tales of stupid criminals.

— Have excess breast milk? Donate it for moms that don't produce enough or any. (WKYC)

— Seat projections for the Cleveland and Cincinnati casinos were 5,750, and 5,040 respectively when Dan Gilbert and company proposed the idea but are now down to 2,455 and 2,800. What's that mean. Substantially lower estimates for tax money the state and cities will reap once they open. (

— If you want to sleep in your car, that's your prerogative. One bit of advice: avoid doing so if you park your car very close to train tracks and have tons of marijuana in your car. (Morning Journal)