Jamie Oliver Is Coming to Make Cleveland Healthy


On the heels of news that lots of Ohio's kids are fat comes news that could change that. Jamie Oliver is on his way to the rescue.

That health-obsessed accent attached to a body announced today that Cleveland is one of five cities that will be home to new "Food Revolution Kitchens" — community centers where folks can learn how to cook with stuff other than fat, salt, and sugar. Not that Cleveland needs much tutoring — we already put sauerkraut on our sausage, which is a definite step in the right direction.

The kitchens are an extension of Oliver's Food Revolution TV series, where he plops himself in some god-forsakenly obese town and works with schools to feed children something other than troughs full of tater tots.

Via TED:

Just this morning, Jamie Oliver and the American Heart Association (AHA) announced the formation of a partnership to open Food Revolution Kitchens -— community-based centers where people can learn basic cooking skills and how to prepare affordable, nutritious meals. Their goal is to have at least five kitchen centers within the next 18 months, with plans underway for New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Baltimore and Dallas.