Ohio No. 3 In Oxycodone Use


Congrats, fellow Buckeyes. You ingested the third most oxycodone in America in 2009. We'll wait while you re-focus your eyes and read that sentence again, because you're probably high right now.

The Sun Sentinel farmed through U.S. Department of Justice pill records and found that while you are still woefully behind the Sunshine State of Florida in lining up for the narcotic, you dominated the rest of the United States in demand for the drug.

Florida dispensed 523,424,109 doses in the '09 calendar year, which is double any other state. Ohio came in just 4 million doses behind second place Pennsylvania, tallying 263,010,101 pops of the powerful stuff.

Either Ohio is a leading state in chronic back injuries that require heavy doses of medication, or Ohio is leading state in citizens hooked on oxycodone and wily enough to scam doctors out of a few Rx's, and/or Ohio docs are not scrupulous when it comes to handing out the candy.

Go ahead and celebrate. No danger in tossing back a cold one on top of that oxycodone you undoubtedly already swallowed. And if the prescription's not legally yours? All the better. Let's top the nation in illegal oxycodone use next year.