Local Band in Focus

Broccoli Samurai

Meet the Band: Chris Walker (drums), Steve Fade (bass/production), and Ryan Hodson, aka "Bruce" (keyboards/production)

Road to Glory: After a few months of jamming in the basement, the Cleveland trio made a memorable Beachland debut in 2010, opening for Zach Deputy with a nonstop, 30-minute improv set. "We left the crowd both intrigued and confused," says Hodson. From there, the band honed its sound and got a bit more serious. "The more shows we got, the further our sound developed into a seemingly fluid blend of hip-hop, dub/reggae, jazz, funk, and electronic."You'll Like Them If You Like ... Disco Biscuits, Thievery Corporation, Pretty Lights

Recordings: Broccoli Samurai recently released their debut EP, DEMOlition, and are at work on a full-length album targeted for May.

Dream Concert: "Bill Clinton opens for us with some hair-raising saxophone solos," says Hodson. "And Dana Carvey headlines with a personalized performance of 'Choppin' Broccoli.'"

Why They Say They Matter: "We're unique as a three piece, semi-improvisational live electronic band."

Why We Say They Matter:

Broccoli Samurai inject much-needed playfulness and humanity into the chillout genre. As they put it, "Arrive in good humor, proceed accordingly."

Where You Can Hear Them:


Where You Can See Them: March 23 at the Beachland Tavern and May 5 at the Beachland Ballroom. — Andrew Clayman