Poison Berry Bakery on Larchmere to Close after Holidays

After a solid year-and-a-half run, the owners of Poison Berry Bakery have decided to wind down the business. Jen and Jon Regan announced that the popular vegan bakeshop on Larchmere will close for good at Christmastime.

“Mama and Papa Poison Berry have come to the unfortunate conclusion that that [sic] we will not be able to keep Poison Berry open much longer,” the couple wrote on their Facebook page. “While it’s been an amazing year and a half (or so), our time is up and we are almost out of money (are we allowed to say that?).”

By even the owners’ accounts, the shop was doing well, growing and expanding its vegan and non-vegan clientele. But in the end, the numbers just didn’t – and wouldn’t soon – add up.

“Larchmere Boulevard has been a wonderful home and if we had more time, I know we would’ve succeeded,” they added.

For now, they will take this time to focus on family, appearing at the occasional pop-up around town.

Send them off with a bang by loading up on coffee, breakfast and baked goods until the bitter (sweet) end.