Misspelling on Parking Ticket Envelopes Has Repurcussions


Anyone who’s received a traffic camera ticket in Cleveland knows it’s all about the details. Those lovely notifications arrive in your mailbox bearing the time, location, speed, date of your infraction, and a handsome photo for your scrapbook.

But it seems the finer points don’t go both ways. Envelopes recently mailed from Cleveland’s Ministry of Traffic Sphincterism arrived bearing one glaring mistake: Privileges was misspelled “privilages.”

Spokesman John Galic says only a few recipients pointed out the error, likely because citizens expect no more from their government than approximations of competence. Or because they have no idea how to spell privileges either.

Rest assured, those responsible for the misspelling have been sacked. “We are now in the process of switching print vendors,” says a spokesman for Affiliated Computer Services, the company that supplies the city’s envelopes. “The printing error did not cost the city any added expense.”

ACS declined via e-mail to estimate how many bad envelopes had been mailed, but did so without a single misspelling.