New York Times Editorial on SB5


The paper of record weighed in on the controversial SB5 debate with an editorial. Here's a snippet:

Supporters of these measures say they are acting out of concern for their state’s budget. There is little doubt that the real goal is to weaken unions and their ability to back Democratic candidates. The Associated Press reported that a Florida legislative analysis found the bills would have virtually no impact on state and local budgets. But it said they would be effective in one regard: making unions “likely to have more difficulty collecting dues and funds from employees for political purposes.”


There are already active recall petitions for Republican legislators in Wisconsin, and Ohio unionists are gearing up for a referendum to overturn their state’s new law. Democratic organizers are finding voters in middle-class districts aghast at the damage to economic rights caused by the new crop of Republicans. It may turn out that the best way to revive the ailing labor movement is by trying to chop it down.